Our Infant Day Care Program

infant-careOur Infant Program provides a warm, welcoming environment where your Baby can grow. The teachers are nurturing, early childhood professionals, who are focused on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child’s first year.

Our program is focused on keeping your Baby happy, engaged, and secure. We personalize care for each child based on his or her unique schedule, and any other special attention he/she requires.

Warm and nurturing interactions with staff, in a home-like environment, promotes learning. Individualized attention and experiences, together with meaningful partnerships with parents, are the cornerstones of our Day Care curriculum for infants.

Typical Day:

A typical day consists of: Arrival; quiet play; exploration, Baby exercise, breakfast, bottle feeding, diapering/hand washing; stroller walks, outside playground; lunch; Baby exercise, tummy time, large motor activity; diapering/hand washing; reading; music and singing; quiet time; rock and talk to infants; nap time; diapering/hand washing, bottle feeding time; stroller walks, outside playground, Baby exercise, tummy time, small & large motor activities, rest time; diapering/ hand washing, reading, music and singing; dismissal.


The program is typically arranged in centers that stimulate learning. Specialty teachers also provide age appropriate music and movement for all children enrolled in the program including our babies.

Experiential Learning:

Teachers interact one-on-one with the infants; the children are frequently held and carried to provide them with a wide variety of stimuli and experiences. Our staff talks to the infants before, during, and after moving the child. Each baby follows his or her own unique schedule. Parents provide baby food, diapers, formula and bottles as needed. The maximum child to educator ratio is 4:1.

Christian Education:

Because each child is created in the image of God, his or her spiritual development are the foundational ingredient of our program. Our staff sings and plays Christian songs to our babies and expresses how much he/she are loved by God. Bible verses are part of our environment and our babies also participate in the school special programs.

Whole Child Focus:

We focus on the whole child and provide opportunities for him, or her, to develop spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. Your child is loved and encouraged to work at his or her own level of development.


The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate curriculum, which includes objectives for children’s development and learning. Babies are encouraged to use their senses to learn about and make sense of their world. We balance individual attention with group experiences to ensure that your child is learning in productive ways. Children are exposed to age appropriate experiences that will engage and inspire the child.

Language development and listening skills are encouraged through verbal and visual stimulation of color words, shapes, animals, environment, and more through music.