Philosophy of Education

Christian Responsibility

The child is an individual to be respected, nurtured and loved as God’s creation and encouraged to work at his or her own level of development. The child is nurtured in the belief, as reflected in the Christ-centered curriculum, that everything comes from the triune God, is sustained by Him, and is directed to his glory.

The child’s optimum development is a result of parents and teachers working cooperatively establishing appropriate goals and methods for implementation that best enhance his/her physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

The child is encouraged to grow in self-control and self-discipline through exposure to a balanced, experiential curriculum of Bible Study, Science, Art, Music, Nature, Literature, Creative Playtime, and Academic Readiness, as well as to positive, constructive, and non-threatening rules for appropriate classroom behavior.


Organization and Government

Granada Day School, a preschool, was established in 1954 as an outreach ministry of Granada Presbyterian Church. School administration is comprised of the Church Session, School Board and Director, working cooperatively to establish policy in order to provide Christian schooling to the children of the Church, as well as to the community in general.

Behavior Management

The teacher is responsible for establishing rules for classroom management according to the educational philosophy of the school. Consistent, positive, and constructive reinforcement motivates the child to behave appropriately. As advocates for the child, teachers develop routines and procedures for the child, which promote learning and socialization to both benefit the child and to ensure success in class. The child is helped to understand, in a caring manner, that adherence to the rules builds self-discipline, and as God’s children, we glorify God when we are obedient.