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Our Kindergarten Program - Granada Day School - Preschool and Daycare in Miami, FL

Our Kindergarten Program

About this course

Age:  5 year olds
Curriculum: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Schedule: 8:15 am – 4 pm

Course Features

Typical Day

The Preschool Program is run on a daily flexible schedule that allows the teacher and students extra time to complete activities throughout the day. Flexible schedules are known to increase student achievement, personalized learning, and student engagement. This type of scheduling builds a better relationship between student and teacher.

Your Preschoolers typical flexible schedule is as follows:

  • Arrival (Curbside Drop-Off)
  • Free Play and Table Activities
  • Circle Time (Prayer, Pledges, Helper Chart, Calendar, Weather, Curriculum)
  • Bible (Story and Verse, Chapel on Wednesday mornings)
  • Art
  • Music
  • Computers and Library
  • Snack and Outdoor Play
  • Learning Centers
    • Math
    • Art
    • Science
    • Language
    • Social studies
    • Fine Motor Activities
  • Group Activities
  • Dismissal (Curbside Pick-Up)


The program is enhanced with Library time, computer media center, gardening, cooking, outdoor play, in-house field trips, special seasonal parties and programs. Specialty teachers also provide art and music development.

Language Arts

Our Kindergarten uses Journeys Common Core for Language Arts. It is a literacy program designed around the Common Core State Standards. By integrating the Standards into every lesson the program enables the teachers to engage and educate students effectively and efficiently and ensures learners success. With cutting-edge digital tools and a proven, results-driven core curriculum, the Journeys Common Core reading and literacy program helps students soar like never before.

The Journeys Common Core provides the resources needed to plan and access effectively, as well as teach and engage students. The all-in-one Journeys Common Core student text puts the Common Core State Standards in the hands of every student so they take ownership and become immersed in their learning.

These interactive Whiteboard lessons were developed in partnership with Promethean In.® for use on Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and are compatible with SMART® Interactive Whiteboards or any other interactive surface or projector. There’s no substitute for actually experiencing a process or task. That’s why Journey Common Core has built hands-on activities into the curriculum. Common Core-aligned Whiteboard Lessons provide fun, interesting and hands-on learning in the areas of phonics, vocabulary strategies, grammar, text analysis and writing skills allowing students to immerse themselves in each lesson.


ScienceFusion is a state-of-the-art science program designed for building inquiry, STEM, and optimized for learning in the classroom, at home, on a laptop, a table, or using a science textbook. The digital curriculum, virtual labs, hands-on activities, and write-in science textbook develops important critical thinking skills that prepare students for success in future science courses and in the workplace.

ScienceFusion gives students a meaningful way to interact with science. Every click, every page turn, every lab and activity is an opportunity for students to ask questions, think critically and make informed decisions. In any direction, a student turns they will be asked to inquire, think, predict, analyze and apply. These skills are the foundation for success in science, in school and in life. With ScienceFusion the students do much more than read about science concepts. At every moment they use their curiosity, as well as their reasoning skills, to discover, interact and apply what they have learned.

Go Math!

Go Math! Offers an engaging and interactive approach to covering new state standards. Its seamless digital path and Write-in Student Edition ensure that students can access content at appropriate levels of depth and rigor.

Go Math! is the first K-8 math program written to fully support new standards. Go Math! provides teachers with in-depth instructional support, embedded professional development videos, tips and a wealth of differentiated instruction resources to ensure the depth of instruction required for student success.

Social Studies

Harcourt Social Studies is a comprehensive K-5 curriculum solution designed to engage and motivate every student. Through the stories of the intriguing people, exciting places and fascinating events that make social studies relevant to their lives students gain a global perspective. They learn the social studies theme and skills they need to become informed, participating citizens who consider points-of view, use critical thinking skills and are active in their communities.

Completely aligned to the national standards the program’s research-proven content provides rigor and depth in an easy-to-read, highly visual format that instantly connects with all types of learners. Reading Skill development and reinforcement organized around a Big Idea and What to Know Essential Questions is core to the pedagogy. Since students also learn through interaction, the engaging hands-on activities and technology explorations in the Harcourt Social Studies program provide the high-interest level tools to foster that connection.

The teachers are also provided with the tools they needed to turn that connection into content knowledge for every student in class. With components like Leveled Readers, the Homework and Practice Books, Online Assessment and complete teacher resources to plan for and implement differentiation teachers can help all students succeed.

Bible Curriculum

Kindergarteners learn about God’s great story of salvation by walking through the entire Bible! Each story from the Old and New Testaments reveal the love and salvation that only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. The children are able to discover how Jesus is the center of God’s Word as well as their own lives!

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