Choosing the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

A whopping 96% of parents think it’s important for kids to play outside on a regular basis. Enrolling your child in summer camp is one way to accomplish this goal, but it can be difficult to figure out which one is a good fit for your child. There are more than 12,000 camps in the United States, so analyzing the pros and cons is important. Before you commit to a camp, familiarize yourself with these tips.

Decide on a Duration

Are you looking for a camp that runs all summer, or are you happy to send your child for just a week or two? Before you decide, think about how your family usually spends summer break. If you’re planning a family vacation or enjoy attending sporting events during the day, you might not want to invest in a camp option that lasts most of the summer. If your child wants to make new friends or participate in fun activities, but not necessarily be at camp for the whole summer, they might benefit from selecting shorter sessions.

For older siblings, there are additional factors. You may want to spend time thinking about whether you want to send your older child to a day camp or an overnight camp. Younger kids who have never spent much time away from home may not feel comfortable at an overnight camp, while older kids may highly benefit from them. It will be normal to miss their friends their home, but they build lasting memories.

We are always happy to offer options when it comes to the duration of your summer camp session. That way, you can invest in the full-time camp if and when you find that your children are having fun attending. Each year your child will grow and adapt. If they were hesitant to attend camp every week this year, by next year it might be a totally different experience.

Evaluate Your Budget

The American Camp Association reports that people spend a combined total of $18 billion per year on camp, with fees that vary widely from $100 to $1,500 per week. We are confident the value of our program is an excellent investment for your family. We also offer discounts for active Granada Church members as well as military discounts. We provide all our campers with their camp t-shirt. Parents are also responsible for their children’s lunch and snacks.

Outside of our program, other camps may incur extra costs. If your child is going to an overnight camp, for instance, you may need to send money for laundry supplies and toiletries. Kids who attend other day camps may need cash for field trips or snacks. You may also have to buy special equipment or supplies, such as textbooks or sports equipment, if your child attends an educational or athletic camp.  When creating your budget for the summer, be sure to include the other costs of camp beyond tuition.

Talk to Your Child

As you scroll through camp websites and flip through brochures about summer programs, it’s easy to overlook the opinion of a very important person: your child. Rather than making assumptions about the type of camp your child will enjoy, ask them.  Set aside plenty of time to discuss options, and don’t assume you know what’s best before getting their ideas. Your child might have a specific camp in mind, where they can spend time with their friends or engage in favorite hobbies.

Talk to your child about physical or emotional limitations that may make some camps a poor choice for them. Review literature together so that the two of you can reach a decision, and don’t forget to involve your significant other when applicable.

Avoid pressuring your child to make a quick decision. This could result in him or her picking a camp to appease you rather than selecting a camp they genuinely want to attend, which could result in the trip being cut short anyway, and they might harbor resentment toward you later.

There are so many benefits of summer camps but most of all, they provide a fun environment where your child can meet new people and participate in various activities. Before you select a camp, consider what’s best for you and your family so you can choose a camp that is a good fit.

Praying through this decision together is our top advice. The Lord will provide you with wisdom and guidance, so trust in Him fully.

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Image Credit: Pixabay